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8 steps to the perfect surrogate profile

Jun 25, 2016 8:17:00 AM

There is no such thing as "the perfect surrogate." Each IP is looking for something different. There is however, the "perfect profile" and it has everything to do with these easy 8 steps.

Steps to the "Perfect Profile"

  1. Get your head in the game.  Profiles, in dating, in applications, in home loans... where ever you need to tell someone else a whole bunch of info about you – it's going to take time.  All that awesomeness cant be contained in a few short words. Get mentally prepared to work through it. 
  2. Set aside the time.  Setting aside the 30-60 minutes it takes to get through a profile needs to be distraction free.  Calendar the time when the kiddos are sleeping or in school and sit down with a cup of joe and plug away.
  3. Come prepared.  You are going to need the names and birth dates of your kiddos.  Oh, you know those by heart, smarty?  Well how about your partner's social security number? Birth weight of kid #2? You need to have all the delivery info for your kiddos and the basics for your partner (should there be one).  Bringing all the paperwork with you will keep you focused and on track.
  4. Equipment check.  For our Surrogate Profile, no printer, scanner or ink is necessary. Should you be using another agency, make sure your printer has ink and your scanner is working and that you know how to use them, even if your kiddos aren't around to help.
  5. Game time. Fill out the form completely. Do not skip questions. Do not leave anything blank. If there is not an answer necessary, then answer N/A.  A complete profile gets you closer to a perfect profile.
  6. Be wordy. Use that vocabulary, girlie! The more words on a page, the more information the IP has about you, the more complete of a picture they can imagine.  Give them something to think about.  This does not mean talk about the time you thought about shoplifting gum when you were a kid or your last break up.  Stick to the questions and be positive.
  7. sPeLl Xech. Say it with me, girls... SPELL CHECK.  Use the computer to check your spelling. Then, have a girlfriend, hubby or family member proof read your for you to check for things the computer may have missed.
  8. Show your sparkle! Intended Parents are meeting you for the first time through your profile. Stand out. Be enthusiastic. Be brilliant. Be funny.  Be you.  If an IP sees you through your profile, then, my dear, you have created the perfect profile.