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5 Reasons Why I Chose Surrogacy

Jul 3, 2017 7:40:58 AM


written by Brooke Kimbrough: mother, surrogate, and co-founder

1. Give Life

I carried that baby inside me with all the love and care I would as if it were my own child. I sang to her, I gently rubbed on her limbs when she would push on my tummy, and I made sure she was getting all the care and nutrients she would need. I wanted her to know she was loved even before she was born. When I get updates and see photos of her, there is a sense of pride and connection unlike any other experience in the world. Although I am not her parent, I know I created her existence. I made that life possible. I made that family possible. And I am beyond honored to have had such an incredibly fulfilling experience.

2. The Parenting Club

When I decided to become a surrogate, I thought a lot about carrying the baby. But the unexpected joy was creating a family for people who otherwise would not have been able in the same way. Because of my decision, they are joining parenting club. As a mother of four already, I know that parenting is the greatest gift on earth. To play a part in their parent journey was incredibly fulfilling.

3. Compensation

Some use their surrogacy funds to put a down payment on a house, go back to college, pay off student loans, or even have the freedom to not work for several months and focus on being a stay-at-home-mom raise their toddlers and young children. For me, I was able to focus on my family and enjoy watching them grow up and developing each day. I would not change that decision for the world. They grow up so fast.

4. Healthcare

All surrogates get healthcare. Whether this is a new plan or an existing healthcare plan, all pregnancy-related care was covered at no cost to me. On top of that, if surrogates did not have coverage previously, they are insured and can begin caring for other medical needs they may have.

5. Community and Sisterhood

The Roots Surrogacy tribe is unlike any other group of women in the world. I am consistently inspired by these powerful and compassionate women. Hear their stories, experiences, and journeys on our special VIP private group forum – they will quickly become the sisterhood you never even knew you were longing for. Together, we make lifelong friendships and share a unique bond that is unbreakable.