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The R.O.O.T.S of a Great Surrogate

Feb 21, 2018 7:31:14 AM

While surrogates are as varied as the flags proudly waving at the current Winter Olympics, all great surrogates have similar character traits that make them bonafide ROCKSTARS in the surrogacy world.  With 65 current surrogates, we took a deeper look into these traits and how each one of our current surrogates utilizes these to make surrogacy look easy.

"R": Respect.  Surrogates meet lot of new people throughout their journey.  With the agency, attorneys, parents, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, doulas and various other team members, surrogates show kindness and respect to all of the varied cultures and personalities of their team.  In doing so, each person feels valued and is able to support and aid the surrogate in her journey. 

"O": Organized. The superstars of surrogacy are the gestational carriers who are able to stay organized.  There are a lot of moving parts in pregnancy and surrogacy is no exception.  On top of their already busy family and job lives, they now manage a schedule of doctors, labs and parents, medical bills and insurance.  Staying organized allows surrogates the piece of mind to be able to manage it all with grace. 

"O": On Time.  Like a busy train schedule, surrogates are managing a whole set of tasks, all moving in different directions.  By completing tasks on time, surrogates are able to assure parents, agencies and doctors that they are capable of handling such a huge responsibility. 

"T": Tenacity.  Sometimes it just comes down to pure grit and no one has more of it than great surrogates.  When 34 weeks of pregnancy with twins is reeking havoc on your back and your toddler comes down with the flu, it is SUPERHERO surrogates who reach deep and use resources, ask for help, push through and come out on top. 

"S": Supportive. All fantastic surrogates are able to put themselves into the shoes of others and offer support and guidance.  Whether it is their parent who is concerned about the impending birth of their new child or a fellow surrogate sister, ROCKSTAR surrogates are there to support and lift up the people around them. 

Being a surrogate is no small feat.  There are challenges, both small and large and it is the surrogates who have R.O.O.T.S that are able to manage it all with grace and gumption.  As always, we feel honored and humbled to be surrounded by such amazing women on a daily basis and try to soak in all of their strength and heart as we navigate the waters of third party reproduction.